Awareness Walk on World Environment Day

Awareness Walk on World Environment Day – Government urged to take concrete measure to protect environment and stop deforestation  

Nawabshah: 06-June, 2022: On World Environment Day 2022, Hari Welfare Association with joint collaboration of District government Shaheed Benazirabad and CSO organized awareness walk to mark environment day and to create awareness among communities at mass level, a walk lead by Akram Khaskhaskheli president HWA, Shahzad Ahmed of HWA, M Sabir Qureshi, Ab Rehman Khaskheli of Social Welfare Department, walk started from DC chaowk to Press Club Road Nawabshah, people from different walk of life attended a walk with the participants holding play cards and banners with slogans for protection of environment and cleanliness.

Speaking to the walk Mr. Akram Khaskheli president Hari Welfare Association said that we are facing climate change harmful impacts, Deforestation is major issue of climate change. He said that all citizens need to start tree plantation at their own level, its responsibility of all citizens to play their role for the protection of our environment.

Mr. Akram added that according to the investigative report of PPI Sindh’s riverine forests had declined to 0.05 million hectares (0.35%), irrigated forests to 0.08 million hectares (0.14%), and mangrove forests to 0.2 million hectares (1.41%). Collectively, the overall forest cover has declined to 1.9% in the province. According to environments standards, any country or state in the world should have at least 25% of forest cover out of its total land area for better environment.

The survey says Sindh has a total area of 14.091 million hectares, out of which 1.9% land is covered with forests which is too low.


He said that Pakistan is agricultural country, more then 65-70 percent population depends on agriculture and livestock, environmental problems directly effects agriculture and livestock and 70 percent population of our country, hence government urged to protect environment and ministry of climate change must play its role to save environment.


He said that provincial and federal government should take concrete measure to implement all environment protection laws immediately, tree cutting practice must be banned and to take initiative for the protection of forest in Sindh.

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