Agriculture and Livestock

As part of its awareness campaign with/for peasants, on 21 September 2021, the HWA conducted an awareness session with peasants, landlords, and farm workers engaged in cotton production and cultivation in village Noorullah Chutto, UC 60 Mile District Shaheed Benazir Abad, Sindh. It is not a cotton season but the end of the cotton season. However, the purpose of the session was to develop understanding from the workers’ and peasants' experiences and difficulties and problems they encountered from day one of cultivating cotton. The participants' experiences enriched the HWA's learnings about the challenges peasants and workers faced throughout the cotton cultivation. On occasion, technical experts provided helpful information to the participants - to be used in the next cotton production. These technical experts include Mr. Raza Muhammad Khaskheli (agriculture expert), Mr. Israr Shahani (MSc Agriculture from Agriculture university Jamshoro), Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Chutto Grower, Mr. Sabir Hussain peasant, and Mr. Akram ALi President Hari Welfare Association. The session was attended by more than 40 peasants, landlords, and farm workers. 

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