About Us

Hari Welfare Association (HWA) is a non-government, non-political, not for national organization, aimed to promote the social and economic conditions of deprived and marginalized communities, focusing flood affected rural areas.

Hari Welfare Association is Non-governmental organization Established in 2002, in district Nawab Shah, HWA Sindh was launched with an aim to improve the living standards of the farmer community through increased rate of sustainable development process and widening their access to social services. Hari Welfare Association was registered on November 23, 2003 as social welfare organization under voluntary social welfare agencies ordinance, 1961 act Of Sindh. HWA has carried out a number of activities to strengthen the farmer community by improving their socio-economic status. Inspired by social well being of the deprived low income communities in rural areas.

HWA team is comprised of 09 skilled and volunteer Board of Directors, who provide strategic guideline to the organization and dedicated 08 regular employees and 40 volunteer staff having expertise in areas of social and management sciences, finance and administration, information technology etc who are engaged in research & development, designing and implementing number of projects on education, poverty alleviation, institutional as well as individual capacity building, child rights protection and environment protection with various national and international partners.

Professional development of community based organizations, community citizen board, public sector organization and educational institute is also an area of emphasize for HWA’s. Organizational development, educational development, volunteerism, NGO management are dimensions where HWA’s possess expertise and build capacity of other stakeholders.

It has produced notable work in the areas of survey, Mobilization, youth training, Content based training, Material transformation, integrated planning in schools development, project management, and providing technical expertise for various institutions and partner organizations.


The primary objectives of the organization are:


Development of a progressive, prosperous, peace loving and non-discriminatory society that is materially optimum, socially equitable and sustainable. The essence of our vision is to help develop balanced human resources.


The salient aspects of Hari Welfare Association (HWA) mission are:

Structure of the organization

Registered on: November 23, 2003
Registered as: Social Welfare
Registration under: Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance, 1961 act Of Sindh
Registration Number: 051
Address: House No. 56, Mehran Colony Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan.
Phone Number: +92-300-3216672
Email Address: info@hariwelfare.org

Key Interventions

Strengths of the Organization

Below mentioned specific strength reflects organizational capacity in different areas.