Disaster Risk Reduction

The floods and heavy rains in 2010 and 2011 had a huge and devastating impact on the lives, economy and infrastructure in rural Sindh. HWA had the base in Dadu and Benazirabad districts, thus, it initiated its flood response activities there with all possible and available human and financial resources. A brief overview of these activities is given as under:

Emergency Food Item distribution

1Emergency Food Item distribution
Name of UCs:1. Phulji Station 
2. Murad abad
PeriodStart date: 10-10-2010, End Date: 15-12-2010
CostDistributed food items that were provided to Local People of District Nawabshah and Dadu
SupportLocal Community
Intervention AreasFood Distribution
Beneficiary PopulationTotal Families: 450 (1055Male, 1285 Female and 545 Children)
Brief overview of activitiesF Provided 450 food items to flood affected families in two union councils of Dadu district.

Health Camps

2Health Camps
Name of UCs:  1. Gupchani 
2. Bahawal Pur 
3. Monder 
4. Muradabad
PeriodStart date: 10-12-2011, End Date 15-01-2012
CostMedicine Provided by Medical Companies
Staff involved2 Volunteers
Intervention AreasHealth
Beneficiary PopulationTotal Families 300,
Brief overview of activities  F Provided heath facility to the 300 flood affected families of Nawabshah

Rehabilitation of Livelihood

3Rehabilitation of Livelihood
Name of UCs:  1. Wahi Pandhi
PeriodStart date: 16-06-2013, End Date 15-12-2013
Staff involved05 Paid and 05 volunteers
Intervention AreasAgriculture
Beneficiary PopulationTotal Families 250,
Brief overview of activitiesF Provided 2000 poultry birds to most vulnerable flood affected 250 families of very backward area of District Dadu.

Human Rights Education

4Human Rights Education
DistrictDadu –Nawabshah
Name of UCs:  1. Pipri 
2. Gupchani
PeriodStart date: 01-01-2013, End Date 31-12-2013
SupportCenter For Human Rights Education
Staff involved02 Paid 
08 Community Leaders (volunteers)
Intervention AreasAwareness/Mobilization
Beneficiary PopulationTotal Families 100
Brief overview of activitiesF Provided awareness and enhanced the capacities of community leaders through 20 awareness sessions, 04 dialogues and 05 district level seminar and rallies in both districts

Child Protection

5Child Protection
DistrictShaheed Benazirabad
Name of UCs:  1. Daleel Dero 
2. Khadhar 
3. Nawabshah-1 
4. Nawabshah-2 
5. Nawabshah-07 
6. Nawabshah-09
PeriodStart date: 01-01-2014, End Date 31-12-2014
SupportChild Rights Movement (CRM) Save the Children
Staff involved02 Paid 
15 Community Leaders (volunteers)
Intervention AreasChild protection and advocacy on Child Rights
Beneficiary Population375 Children of 15 High Schools
Brief overview of activities– Formed 15 child clubs in 15 high schools both girls and boys.
– Raised awareness to children about their rights and UNCRC.
-Enhanced their capacities through trainings and competitions in result able to raise their voice on rights
-Got declared 15 high schools as a child friendly schools
-Advocated on child rights at the district level.
-Networked child clubs with other child rights organization, CSOs and government.