Message from ED

HWA is one of the leading organizations in Sindh that has started its journey with the prime objective to address poverty,

developmental, civil and political issues of peasants and other people in rural areas in Sindh. This journey is extremely difficult because neither the (feudal and capitalist) government nor civil society organizations buy it. I have noticed that the contemporary circumstances for the right based organizations in Sindh are not favourable, which have badly affected the right based movements for the peasants’ rights in Sindh. The government does not welcome advocacy work and the donors are reluctant to support the right based movements. In one sense, I support such circumstances because I believe that organizations like HWA must not be part of the peasants’ rights movement but the problem is, in Sindh peasants are neither aware of their rights nor organized and willing to support their own movement. However, yet I am convinced that HWA could still play its part to mobilize peasants by engaging with them through different health, education, research and service delivery schemes/interventions. Thus, in rural areas, HWA is working in the field of education with the help of the government and non-governmental organizations. It will continue to expand its activities in health and social mobilization and also in all districts of Sindh.